Sometimes That Edge Is All You Need!


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Sometimes That Edge Is All You Need!



****** NEW ITEM IN STOCK ****** TPR MINNOW 70 YEP TPR...SUPER SUPER STRETCHY 70MM IN LENGTH 8 IN A PACK SALT N PEPPER FLECK IN COLOR AWESOME BAIT FISH REPRESENTATION. 70mm Paddle Tails are made from TPR which is a super stretchy and durable material that quality lure manufactures use. Paddle Tail Lures are a great lure for chasing all you favourite fish species. The Paddle Tail extra thumping vibration makes it hard for a predator not to take notice. These Lures are great for chasing Bream, Flathead, Snapper all the way up to Jacks, Barra Threadies & Jewies. These are created for great swimming action which mimicks a fleeing Bait fish.
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